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TEAM Product Suite.

Applications for every situation.


Activity Mapping

Visually view events as they happen

Using popular web-based mapping software, visually see different activities within a given geographical area. Zip codes, cities, and custom boundaries can be outlined for easy identification.

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Asset Management

Track items, contracts, etc..

Gain control of organizational inventory and track an asset's life cycle. Increase employee accountability and ensure policy compliance. Asset types, characteristics, and attributes are completely customizable.

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Appraisals / Evaluations

Rate employees on customized criteria

A routine evaluation form for rating an employee's performance over a customized period of time. Evaluations are stored on-line for easy access by supervisors and employees. When used in conjunction with Coaching Notes, supervisors can reduce the time spent performing routine evaluations.

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Classroom Training

Schedule, teach, track...

Monitor and track certifications and training that an employee has completed. Create custom classes and certifications for employees by organization, group, or individual. Add attachments, and provide enrollment for employees to sign up at their leisure.

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Coaching Notes

Periodic Coaching and Employee Development

Used to document routine supervisor/employee career development sessions. These sessions can help identify and correct potential problems or reward an employee's positive performance. Coaching Notes help provide an accurate long term picture of an employee's overall performance.

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Community Policing

Real time alerts and directives all in one location.

A dashboard view of various activities throughout the organization on a near real-time basis. Employees can review previous or current activity, as well as plan future activities. By putting the necessary data in one central location, time is saved, and operational efficiency is improved, by directing employees to where they are needed most.

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Crime Statistics

Report trends by period

Originally developed by the Los Angeles Police Department, comparative statistics brakes down activities into customizable time periods to identify trends over time. This type of analysis can be used to judge employee performance or to report trends for contract negotiation.

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Daily Time Logs

Accurately report activity when it occurs.

Employees can enter activities at real time throughout the day using validation-controlled data entry forms. By recording data throughout the day, information becomes more accurate and easily accessible for other reporting purposes.

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Document Sharing

Easily share documents throughout the organization.

A centralized location for storing and accessing electronic documents. Files are accessed and viewed in a folder tree structure similar to popular operating systems. Documents can also be searched for easy access via the convenient search bar.

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Field Training

Ensure employees are properly trained with real world experience.

A flexible system to track and evaluate an employee's training while in the field. Training is broken down into three areas of assessment: Daily Observations, Training Tasks, and Progress Reviews.

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Goal Management

Ensure employees are properly trained with real world experience.

Document and follow-up on stated goals for your employee's career development. Help ensure that your employee has access and the ability to fulfill the stated goals.

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Leave Requests

Help schedule, and track, employee leave.

Help employees submit requests for scheduled absences. Track by who and when it was approved or denied. Visually see hours taken and hours remaining.

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Performance Analysis

Visually view and compare performance over time.

A graphical measure of an employee's performance over a given period of time. Trends and spikes in employee's performance can be easily identified and proper corrections implemented. An automated review can notify supervisors when performance trends are identified.

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Personal Calendar

Visually view dates, appointments, activities, etc...

A single location where employees can view all scheduled activities in the organization. Employees can enroll in training classes or even volunteer for an assignment. All events can be synced with a Microsoft® Outlook® Calendar. Supervisors can also access subordinates calendars to create events or assign tasks.

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Policy Management

Make sure employees are up to date on the latest organizational policy.

Easily identify which organizational policies an employee has or has not read. Supervisors can be notified of an employee's delinquency and employees can be notified when a policy requires review. Policies can be tracked and reviewed by groups or individuals to ensure the content remains current.

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Testing and Surveys

Create tests or survey employees to evaluate and complement the training

Determine if a student understands the material presented. Custom tests can be built using a variety of questions with flexible response types. Tests can also be assigned to specific training courses or organizational policies. Surveys provide all of the same benefits as tests, but in an anonymous and unobtrusive environment. Surveys can help foster the "open door" policy in an organization.

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